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It seems that a blog about Freemasonry should contain an explanation of what exactly Freemasonry is.

Well, for me, that's difficult. Freemasonry is a very large subject. Albert Pike, the first Masonic author I ever read, and the author I continue to read daily explained what Freemasonry is and it took him 861 pages to do so. For a very serious look at the craft I'll commend him, and his works to you.

For purposes of discussion on this blog it is perhaps sufficient to say that Freemasonry is a fraternity or order that seeks to transform good men into better men thus ensuring that Masons, from whatever walk of life, are the very best men in their community. That Freemasonry, through this transformation of the individual, seeks to transform for the better the world around us.

Opinions, and statements will vary, but that is how I most often think about the fraternity. For a more in depth, yet not too involved explanation, perhaps others are more suited than I to explain just what Freemasonry is:

Grand Lodge Of Washington Membership Page

Freemasonry Explained by The Grand Lodge of Michigan

How To Join

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